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NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. It is a device that records video footage from cameras directly onto hard drives. It is used to store, manage and playback video footage from IP cameras and other video surveillance equipment.

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DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is an electronic device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, or other mass storage device. DVRs are commonly used in surveillance systems

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are surveillance cameras that are enclosed in a dome-shaped housing. The dome shape of the camera helps to conceal its direction, allowing the camera to monitor a wide area without appearing obvious. Dome cameras are often used in commercial and residential

Security Surveillance

bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are a type of security camera that have a cylindrical shape and are typically mounted on a wall or ceiling. They are often used outdoors or in areas with high ceilings and can be used to monitor an area from a distance

Turret cameras

Turret cameras are another type of security camera that are usually dome-shaped, and are often used indoors. They are generally mounted onto a ceiling and can be used to monitor an area from a close distance. They are more discreet than

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