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Solutions that you actually need

A true cinema experience

Get ready for the movie, make some popcorn and sit back in your comfortable couch, Adjust the whole scenario including TV, AV receiver and room lights with just one press of a button.


Switch the lights off with one press of a button

All the lights switched on is typical when there are kids running around. Switch off the lights in areas where nobody's around using mobile app from where you are now.

Sleep well

Are the door closed? Have I switched the lights off in the kitchen? We bet you have these disturbing thoughts before sleep several times. Arm the alarm, switch off the lights in the entire house, and guess what… No leaving bed this time! Use your app to manage it all. Now you sleep tight!

Sleep Well.jpg
Night Light.jpg

Exquisite light at night

Waking up at night to see whether our child is asleep is a pleasurable ritual. Nobody likes to be blinded by the light at night when wandering around the house. Set the lighting to 30% of its intensity right where you are walking or in places where it should be dimmed e.g. kids bedroom at night.

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