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Solutions that you actually need

Make yourself at home

A pleasant home atmosphere is what we always think of while coming back home. FIBARO smart home is getting ready to meet you at home by adjusting the temperature, humidity and air quality just as you like it. Welcome home!

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Comfort without waste

HVAC systems are exploited a lot during the heat and winter. Combining HVAC system with FIBARO devices can lead to serious savings e.g. when leaving a window open, the air-conditioning or heating are automatically switched off. Isn't it great?

Fresh air in your home

Polluted air is a huge discomfort that doesn't let us enjoy walks and sports activities outdoors. We rather be sure that household members can have a deep breath indoors. CO sensor monitors air quality by monitoring levels of suspended particulate matter, namely indoors PM 2.5 and PM 10. The best part is when the smart home system launches the air purifier or fan after which it sends you a push notification. Now you can fill your lungs with pure air.

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Warmth on Demand.jpg

Warmth on demand

Open your smart home app and turn up the temperature in any room you want. Don't let the weather surprise you nor your premises. The heating system will bring sufficient temperature right when the guests knock on the door.

Warm where you need it

Nowadays, we know that there is no need to keep the same high temperature in every room. Personalized schedules let you manage the heating and warmth your rooms in a smart way to reduce heating cost.

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